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When it’s cold out, the struggle to look good while staying warm is real. Usually, you either choose warmth or style, not both. It's hard for anyone to feel chic when you're freezing your ass off and bundled up in a puffy parka twice your size (unless you’re one of those fashion bloggers who don't seem to be affected by any sort of weather).

But never fear, there is hope! You can be stylish even in the midst of some flurries (cute coats, vests, ponchos, scarves & more)! Below are some tips to help you stay warm without giving up too much of your style!

Think Like an Onion

Layer up!! There is a reason layering is literally always on-trend this time of year- it’s the most practical way to dress when the temps start falling. One foolproof combo: a flannel under a puff vest. Such an easy look to put together, and there are so many different color combos you can go with. Another great option for even more warmth would be a button-down under a sweater with a vest over the top.

When it’s really, really cold outside and you have to be out in it for longer periods of time than you would like, you have to get a bit creative. Throw a pair of tights or stockings under a pair of jeans, or layer a sweater over a fitted long sleeve shirt.

One thing to keep in mind, is that even though it may be freezing outside, it can feel like 80 degrees in the office or in a store if you’re out running errands. Layering is key to being prepared for whatever temperature swing to may encounter, but you need to be smart with it. One way is to make sure your bottom layer is cute on its own. What’s the point of layering if you can’t take off the layers and still look good? Another is to make sure your layers don’t shed. There’s nothing more annoying than removing your sweater and realizing you’re bottom layer is now covered in fuzzies.

Coats are Cool

If there’s one thing you learn about living in the Midwest, it’s that you can literally never predict the weather. Because of this, you need a few different coat options to get you through the season.

Owning a nice peacoat is great when you want to look put together for a date night or business dinner. Finding one in a good quality wool material will help keep out the winter chill.

Having a light-weight puff jacket is also key. This coat by Eddie Bauer is my go-to when the weather is chilly but not quite freezing. I prefer this coat because it’s not so heavy that I feel like I’m suffocating when I’m out running errands & constantly getting in and out of the car, but it’s also warm enough that if I have to park far away from a store entrance, I’m not freezing by the time I get inside. I also love about this coat is that it’s water resistant, so if a little rain pops up out of nowhere, it’s no big deal!

When it really gets cold, it’s time to pull out the heavy puffer coat. This might not be your go-to when it comes to looking chic, but you don’t have to give in to looking like a marshmallow to stay warm. Go for a coat with a fitted silhouette and in a neutral color so you have may different styling options. I love this all-weather one from Columbia. The down filling and waterproof exterior keeps out even the nastiest wind, but I don’t feel like the Michelin Man when I’m wearing it because it’s not overly puffy.

Wrap Up

Scarves are my favorite cold-weather accessory because they are so versatile, practical and stylish. Wrap it around your neck or throw it over your heavy outer layer. They can add colors, patterns, and textures to any dull winter outfit. One of my favorite styles of scarves is an oversized blanket scarf. You can wear them poncho style or wrapped around your neck. These are perfect for wearing in a chilly office!


Turtlenecks are back! I remember when I was little I hated turtlenecks because they were tight on my neck and made me feel claustrophobic, but these days I’m a huge fan of the thick chunky-knit sweaters with the oversized turtlenecks. Style a turtleneck sweater with a pair of leather-look leggings for a super chic and warm look while grabbing brunch with friends!

Boot Season

A great pair of boots is key to great winter style, and I’ve used all the different weather variations as an excuse to buy allllll the different types of boots. Got a pair of chic knee-high boots? Show them off over some warm fleece-lined jeggings. Don’t let the muddy puddles get in your way by wearing a pair of cute-yet-practical duck boots over your favorite skinny jeans. And just because snow boots are warm and waterproof doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish. There are so many different options out there that are far from ugly while still being practical!

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