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2019 is literally knocking on our door. You’ve got the NYE party(ies) lined up, but the main question is- what to wear?!

Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered! Whether you want to really make a statement, just have a little sparkle, or ditch the sequins altogether– I have the perfect NYE outfits for you. Kansas City based designer By Egreis is a one-stop shop when it comes to the perfect night out looks.

If I personally had to make one style rule for NYE, it would be sparkle. LOTS of sparkle, and a full sequin dress is exactly what you need. You can stick with the always classic black, silver, or gold sequin, or step outside the box and go bold with a bright color or pattern. These dresses from By Egreis are perfect for your night out!

Photos by Colleen Christi Photography and Luiz Acosta

If you want to keep it a little chill and find a full-on sequin dress is a bit much, you can still have a little sparkle by opting for a sequin skirt and a solid colored camisole instead. To avoid looking too outrageous, let the sequins do the shining and keep your other accessories low-key (or say eff it and go full on disco ball- no judgement here).

Photos by Luiz Acosta

If you want to completely step out of the expected sparkly look but still make a statement, go with a classic yet chic fringe dress. I'm OBSESSED with this one from By Egreis, it's perfect for dancing the night away!

Photos by Colleen Christi Photography

After all the heavy meals and holiday parties that have been going on basically since November, you may not feel like going super glam for your night out, and that’s fine! A pair of edgy vinyl pants and bodysuit like these from By Egreis are a perfect for when you want to feel comfortable but look amazing without going over the top. Added bonus is you won’t freeze your ass off running from the Uber into the club!

Photos by Colleen Christi Photography and Luiz Acosta

Now that you’ve gotten some outfit inspiration, time to kiss 2018 goodbye and embrace what’s ahead in 2019!


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