New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year, everyone!

Every New Year, it seems like everyone gets stuck on the idea of “New Year, New Me”, but that is not a phrase that I have ever really been a big fan of. While there are many things I would like to work on (like sticking with a consistent workout plan, being more patient, & to stop eating like a college kid), I don’t feel the need to have a complete life overhaul and start changing everything about myself just because we’re beginning a new year.

In the past, I struggled with this “resolution” idea because everyone around me was talking about how they woke up one day with a sudden new lease on life and were setting all of these huge life-changing goals, and the goals I wanted to set for myself in comparison seemed so minimal. It was to the point that I was literally getting anxiety about the new year starting because I felt I needed to come up with some huge life transformations, and I couldn’t think of any! Now though, I can finally see that while the beginning of a new year is the pivoting point some people need to get it together in a big way, not everyone has mega life-changing goals to achieve, and that’s ok!

Currently, I’m at a really good place in my life, but I also know that there is always room for self-improvement, and you should never stop growing as a person. So, this year, instead of trying to go by the “New Year, New Me” mantra, I’m going to go by “New Year, Same Me- just better!”. Below is my list of resolutions I want to set to help me achieve my goal of being the best version of myself for 2019.

  1. Make it a priority to spend more time with my husband. This may seem simple enough, but our time together is usually overshadowed by the hustle of everyday life and has fallen in the rut of work, take care of baby, repeat.

  2. Focus more on the little things I’m grateful for instead of the things that are going ‘wrong’ or that aren’t ‘good enough’.

  3. Patience, patience, patience…

  4. Stop wasting energy on people who don’t deserve it. In the past, I have spent WAY too much time on people who don’t deserve it while pushing away the people that do.

  5. Drink more water!

  6. Be more environmentally conscious/responsible, use less plastics (no straws- ever, reusable bags, tupperware instead of ziplocs, environmentally safe beauty products, etc.).

  7. Be more present in the moment, especially with my family. I don’t need to have my phone within reach 24/7. Those notifications will always be there, my son’s toothless smiles will not.

  8. Get back into reading for fun.

  9. Do more things out of my comfort zone (try ‘weird’ foods, go to new events, meet new people).

  10. Travel/explore more. Even if it’s to the lake down the street I’ve never gotten around to going to.

This time next year, when I am once again reflecting on the year that’s over and thinking of a resolution list for the new year ahead, I hope I can look back and honestly say that I followed my resolutions I had set for myself. I hope that overall, I’m the same me, but even better than I was the year before.

Cheers to an amazing 2019!


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