William is a Wild One!

Can you believe this chunky little bear is ONE?! I know I can’t! They always say “it goes by so fast”, but I don’t think you can really comprehend that until you experience it. As I was rocking him to sleep the night before his birthday, I was reflecting and trying to wrap my head around how fast it all went. So many fun memories were made this past year, and he’s grown into the silliest, sweetest little person. I am so lucky to be his mommy!

Photo by Colleen Christi Photography

William turned one on Saturday, January 12th, and of course it just so happened to be the same weekend a huge snow storm blew in. Both my husband & I’s families live out of town, so unfortunately many weren’t able to make it. Because of this, the party was much smaller than we had originally planned, but it was still so much fun! Will had a blast and absolutely loved being the center of attention.

Below, I’m sharing some party pics and details on his Wild One party. Be sure to check the links to see where I got the party supplies and outfits!

In my family, for as long as I can remember we had a tradition of throwing a bunch of balloons into the bed of the birthday person before they woke up, so we wanted to keep that tradition going with Will! When he started waking up the morning of his birthday, we came in and dumped a bunch of balloons into his crib. It went over way better then we had expected, he giggled & squealed for a good 15 minutes!

Keeping the Wild One theme going, I planned food that went along with a campground/wilderness vibe. I made lil' smokeys and we had trail mix, 'birch logs' (Pirouline Creme Filled Wafers), s'mores on a stick, 'twigs' (pretzel sticks), a hedgehog shaped cheese ball, & cupcakes. To drink, we had hot apple cider.

The cute buffalo plaid cupcake wrappers & toppers are from Amazon, and went with the theme perfectly! All of the food signs I made myself and printed on cardstock paper.

Due to Will's FPIES, he can't have soy or dairy, so i wasn't able to go out & buy a cake and instead had to make one myself (I probably could've found a bakery to do it, but I wouldn't have trusted them to make sure it was allergy free- just a mom thing, haha). Luckily, Whole Foods has a cake mix that is free of his triggers, so I was able to make him a cake he could safely smash! The toppers I made myself and printed on cardstock paper.

The 'Happy Birthday' banner and high-chair banner were also great Amazon finds!

We had spent all week prepping for the party by doing last minute things around the house (painting rooms, getting a new dining room table, hanging new decor) and preparing food for what was supposed to be a group of 20 people. Then mother nature hit, and the total of 20 guests dropped down to 6, so what can you do other than just roll with it!

To make sure as much family could participate as possible, we had everyone FaceTime in for the gifts & cake smash. Thanks to modern-day technology, they all got to be a part of these moments!

Instead of toys & clothes as gifts, we asked for things like a zoo membership so we can have fun outings as a family and create memories instead of clutter the house with things he won't play with after a week. But to make sure he still had fun, everyone wrapped their gifts in boxes so he could tear into the paper.

Although the day didn't go exactly as we had imagined, William's first birthday was a huge hit and so much fun. You can plan everything out as perfectly as possible, but life happens and you just have to make the most of what you're dealt!

Happy Birthday, baby boy! We all love you so much!

Shirts for the whole family from Amazon- Mom, Dad, Baby

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