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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been weird. Seemed like it was going by so slow at the beginning, then all of a sudden Christmas is upon us! If you're anything like me, you're still trying to find gifts for a few hard-to-buy-for people on your list. Don't worry though, I've got you covered! See below for my 2020 Gift Guide that covers the men, women, and children in your life!

For Men or Women

Whiskey & Rum Making Kit: With everyone spending a lot more time at home these days, what better time than to experiement with making your own alcohol than now?! This kit comes with everything you need to make your own batch of whiskey or rum.

Scrunchies: Not only are scrunchies "back" in style (I mean really, did they ever actually go out?), they are also better for your hair than the rubberband style hair-ties. This giant bag has every color or pattern you could ever want for an amazing price!

Camping Survival Kit: This gift is perfect for that person in your life that likes to spend time outdoors, and it comes in a waterproof case which makes it super easy to pack.

Light-up Makeup Mirror: Every beauty lover needs to have one of these light-up mirrors. It gives off the perfect light for applying makeup, and when we're able to really travel again it folds up nice & flat for easy packing.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker: Who diesn't like to blast music while getting ready? This little speaker is perfect for the shower, and with the controls you never have to worry about getting your phone wet if you want to skip a song. Can even be used outdoors!

Cold-brew Coffee Cocktail Set: Want to give your coffee a little extra kick? Check out this fun book of coffee cocktails! It even comes with a cute cup for easy measuring & mixing.

Solar Powered Portable Charger: Ever been in a position where you really needed to charge your phone but there wasn't an outlet in sight? That will never be a problem again with this solar-powered portable charger! perfect for hiking or just busy day-to-day life.

Adjustable Dumbbells: Many people are trying to get a little home gym set-up since COVID has made actual gym-going a bit risky. These adjustable dumbells are perfect because they don't take up a lot of space but come with many weight options to meet your fitness needs.

AirPod Case: AirPods are a huge thing right now, so step up your accessory game by getting a cool AirPod case to put them in.

Vogue Puzzle: Puzzles have made a huge comeback during the many rounds of stay-at-home orders, and this one is perfect for the fashion lover in your life!


For the Kiddos

Doctors Kit: Why not make the real doctor a little less scary by getthing them their own kit to play with?!

Classic Tricycle: My son received this as a gift for his 2nd birthday and absoluely loves it. It comes with a little 'trunk' in the back that they can put their toys in and ride around with!

Board Book Set: These books are so great for babies because they're indestructible and great for learning letters and putting words to images.

Toddler Puzzles: These puzzles are another great learning tool for babies. Not only do they help with learning words, it's great for learning shapes and spatial awareness!

Karaoke Microphone: Parents- sorry in advance. But how fun would this have been to have when you started your singing career phase as a child?!

Young Chef Cookbook: Getting your child their own cookbook is a great way to start teaching them how to navigate the kitchen.

3D Pen: These things are so fun to play with, and the possibilities of the things you can make are endless!

National Geographic Earth Science Kit: Nat. Geo. always has some great educational kits for kids, and this one doesn't disappoint. Now that a lot of parents are having to teach from home, this is a great way to get some science education in while still makeing it fun!

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: We got this for our son when he was just learning how to sit up on his own, and he still enjoys playing with it at almost 3! It has made the transition from a walker to his "lawnmower" that he pushes around outside.

Children’s Camera: This little camera is perfectly designed to take the abuse of a child while still letting them explore their creativity. This is such a fun way to see the world through your child's eyes!


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