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Quarantine-o-ween Ideas

It’s official, the CDC has announced safety guidelines for Halloween this year, which include avoiding traditional trick-or-treating and large social gatherings. But that doesn't mean Halloween has to be cancelled completely! Aside from just carving pumpkins, there are many ways to make Halloween just as festive as years before with a little creativity and adjusting your plans to fit the health and safety precautions for your area.

Check out a few of the ideas below for tips on how to keep the Halloween spirit alive this season!

DIY Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

Not only will your kids enjoy playing this game, but they'll also love making it. After all, it's a classic for a reason! Simply gather some smooth rocks found around your home or neighborhood, get some orange (pumpkin or monster), green (Frankenstein or monster) & white (ghost or mummy) paint, some googly eyes, elmers glue, a black sharpie, and a square piece of cardboard. Add a nice layer of paint to the tops and sides of each rock, making sure to make 4 in each color to create a matching set. Once dry, use the sharpie to draw on your faces and glue on your googly eyes! Paint a simple 9-square grid on your cardboard and you’re ready to play!

Create a Haunted House

With a few simple adjustments, you can transform your own home into a haunted house! Bring some of the spooky outdoor décor inside & replace your regular light bulbs with colored bulbs. Another fun trick is to take fishing line and/or crepe paper streamers and tape it to the ceiling, turn off the lights and let the kids wander through. It will create that sensation of people touching you or walking through spiderwebs! Turn off all the lights and put some glowsticks in the corners of your home to create an eerie glow. Add some spooky music and there you have it!

Make Printable Halloween Masks

Let your little ones get creative with DIY Halloween masks. You can find these fun printable masks shown here, or take a look at Google for more ideas! Simply print them out on some cardstock paper and let the kids color them in with paint, markers, crayons. or colored pencils!

"Spook" Your Neighbors

This game will spark some "spooks" throughout the entire neighborhood! Stuff a few goodie bags with Halloween treats and/or trinkets and leave them at your neighbors' front door, ring the bell & run! And a note to the bag explaining that they’ve been spooked and encourage them to do the same to another neighbor.

Plan a Halloween Movie Marathon

Spend after a day of fun, make some treats and spend the evening watching the spookiest, silliest, and best Halloween movies!

Halloween Bingo

Bingo is always a hit, and get into the Halloween spirit with themed cards and using candy corn as the markers! Here is a great printable you can print on cardstock right from your own home. On the last page, you will find a grid with all of the images from the Halloween Bingo Cards. Cut these out and use it as a draw pile to play the game!

Scavenger Hunt

Scour the neighborhood for items featured in this photo scavenger hunt. Walk or drive, make it a competition or work together as a family. You can even get other neighbors in to the hunt and make it a neighborhood competition!

Halloween Egg Hunt

Who says eggs have to only be for Easter? Dig out your plastic eggs and give them a Halloween twist! You can doodle spooky faces or add Halloween stickers to make them themed, stuff with candy, and hide them in the yard for your kids to hunt. For a spooky night hunt, get some glow-in-the-dark eggs or add glowsticks!

Costume Parade

It goes without saying that all of the above activities should be done in costumes to add to the fun, but I also highly recommend coordinating with the neighbors and have a costume parade around the neighborhood! This way all the kids can still show of their costumes and see everyone else’s while still practicing social distancing.



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