Quarantine Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

'Tis the season for gratitude, giving, and lots and lots of food. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic your Thanksgiving festivities will probably look a bit different this year. Whether your spending the holiday with the same people you’ve been quarantining with since this past Spring or spending it alone, there are ways to make your Thanksgiving feel festive and special while still following safety protocols. Maybe reimagining Thanksgiving could even lead to new traditions that last for years to come!

Below are some great ideas for things to do on Thanksgiving!

Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Obviously, it’s going to look quite different this year, but it has been confirmed that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be held virtually, without an in-person crowd. You definitely won’t want to miss out on seeing this once in a lifetime (hopefully!) showing!

Over-Decorate for the Season

The easiest way to make it feel like the holidays is to decorate like it's the holidays. Even if no one is coming over this year, adding a few festive touches here and there will lift your spirits. To make up for lack of a full house, take the opportunity to go all-out and over the top with your decorations! A plus side of not having anyone come over is that there won’t be anyone to judge you for being extra!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes in the Midwest we get pretty lucky with glorious Fall weather on Thanksgiving, so it is the perfect time to soak up the last bit of nice fall weather. To do that, head out on a scavenger hunt! If the weather is too cold or wet, you can easily modify it for inside. Here is an easy already made option, or you can come up with your own clues!

Give Everyone Something to Cook

Just because your feast might be smaller this year doesn't mean it has to be any less creative or fun. Everyone in the house can be assigned a dish to cook for dinner, or you can create an assembly line and work together. Kids can roll pie crust and help mix ingredients together while the adults do all the cutting and measuring!

Have Some Craft Time

Need something to do while the waiting on the food to finish cooking? Try a Thanksgiving themed arts and crafts project! Making something as simple as a handprint turkey will keep the kids occupied while also creating a cute keepsake.

Go on a Family Walk

Break out your walking shoes and/or bicycles and take a spin around the block to take in all the fall colors. Going after a big meal will help you not feel so sluggish!

Put together a Thanksgiving puzzle

After dinner, have some quality ‘unplugged’ time together and do a puzzle. Opt for one that is easy enough to complete in a night, but not so easy that you'll finish right away. Be sure to set your phones and other electronic distractions aside so you can be fully present in the moment!

Host a virtual party

By now, everyone is pretty much a pro at hosting virtual meetings/parties. Get the entire family together on Zoom and play a card game or say something you're thankful for. Time it for dinnertime so everyone can sit down “together” and eat like you would normally do.



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