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Runway Rehearsal & Day of Show Appearance

Although your days at runway rehearsal and runways shows may involve an early call-time and be a long day of sitting around, you always want to look put together.

Looking put together by no means requires you getting into full glam, but unfortunately, the reality is that as a model you are going to be judged by your looks the moment you walk into a room. The call time may be early and it may be a long day of waiting, but you still want to look like a model. You are a representative of your brand & your agency, and you want to present yourself in a professional way.

See below for some tips on how to dress for a rehearsal and day of show.


  • Minimal Makeup: When you have a rehearsal, there is no need to do a full glam makeup look. Minimal, everyday makeup is best. Many times, a designer will combine a rehearsal with a fitting, so you want to make sure you don’t have caked-on foundation that could transfer onto the clothing.

  • Lightly Styled Hair: As with the above, you want to look like you put some effort into your appearance when you left the house. Lightly styling your hair or leaving it down & natural is the way to go. If you want your hair off your face but don’t want to put in a lot of effort while still looking chic, opt for a sleek low bun over a messy top-knot as it will look much more professional.

  • Clothing: For rehearsal, you want to treat it similar to a casting call. I always suggest the “model uniform” of a fitted tank and jeans or leggings with heels. It's also a good idea to wear nude colored undergarments, and either wear or bring a strapless bra. You never want to show up in sweatpants or give the impression that you just rolled in out of bed. Oftentimes, a designer doesn’t remember exactly what all of their models look like or may not have even seen you in person yet, so you want to make sure you make a good impression when arriving to rehearsal.

Show Day:

  • Makeup Free: Unless you have been requested to do your own makeup or to arrive with your base foundation on, always arrive with nothing but moisturizer on your face. Bonus if you have time in the morning to do a quick face mask to help give your skin some extra moisture.

  • Natural Hair: As with the above, unless you've received instruction to straighten or curl your hair prior to arrival, it is best to leave your hair natural. If you straightened your hair beforehand and the designer wants you to have curled hair, your stye may not be able to be changed since it was already heat-styled a certain way, making you mis-matched from the other models.

  • Get Dressed: Wear loose, comfortable clothing, but not your pj’s! Again, you don’t want to show up to a booking looking like they just rolled out of bed. The call time may be early and you are in for a long day of sitting around, but you still want to look like a professional. Wearing loose clothing is also important because you don’t want lines on your body, especially if you’re in a leg or back revealing look. A button up shirt is great because it’s easy to get off after having your hair & makeup done. Avoid wearing something that has a turtle-neck, as you may have to get changed a few times and a high-collared shirt will be impossible to get on and off without messing up your beauty look. Also, it’s always the safest bet to wear seamless nude undergarments.



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