Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

This Wednesday marks the official first day of spring! And while I'm 100% a winter baby and love the cold, this long midwest winter even has me looking forward to the new season. Last October, I called out some of the predicted trends for this upcoming spring- were the fashion month predictions correct? Read below to see what's still trending!

  • Fringe: This is a trend I’m really happy to see! Given a modern twist and no cowboy vibes in sight, some designers used it as a flirty accent while others went with full fringy layers.

  • Tie-dye: No longer for just hippy’s or camp t-shirts, tie-dye was given new life on this season’s runways. Seen on shorts, dresses and tees, it’s definitely something you want to add to your spring style rotation!

  • Pattern Play: One trend I was not expecting but that I’m totally here for, is the return of animal prints like leopard and snakeskin. Not really present on the runways during last year’s fashion month, these prints have been popping up in spring shows and in stores. And of course, you can’t have spring without floral prints! Always a staple, they were present on all the runways and are out in force in stores.

  • Biker shorts: Although they were trending on the runways during fashion month, I was really hoping this trend would die before spring made its appearance. Alas, this does not seem to be the case, and the reign of the biker shorts continues…

  • Crochet: we’re not talking about frumpy grandma looks or basic boho crochet, this trend has been given a modern twist and gives off an instantly cool & elevated’70s vibe.

  • Denim: Another trend I didn’t see coming is the denim jacket. Always a classic that goes with everything, this is another trend that I am more than happy to see coming back. Pulling mine out of the back of the closet and putting on the first halfway nice days we had felt oh so good!

  • Sunburst colors: This season’s trending colors are anything but subtle- bright yellows, pinks, and oranges are letting themselves shine, and pops of neon aren’t far behind.

  • Suiting: If you think I’m taking about bikinis, think again. Matching pantsuit sets in bold prints and colors were big on the fashion month runways, and many designers have taken the warming weather into account by replacing the pants with shorts.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the '70s/'80s coming back for another moment?!

Happy first day of spring!


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