Superbowl Celebration

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and we all know that it’s about more than just football. Whether you’re an actual fan or not, the big game is always a perfect excuse to 1) hang with your friends, 2) eat tons of cheese, and 3) look sporty chic while doing 1 & 2.

If you’re hosting this year’s viewing party, it’s time to start creating your Superbowl Sunday game plan! Check out my tips below for ideas on throwing an awesome party, and also the perfect party outfit for whatever type of fan you are!

The Party

  • To Theme or Not to Theme: The first step to throwing a successful party is to have an idea of the experience you want your guests to have. This includes considering what kind of foods you want to have (pot luck, catered, or are you the chef), how you’ll invite people (Facebook/online e-vite, text, or mailed invitations), how you’ll decorate for it, and any other type of game-time entertainment (games like Super Bowl bingo or a halftime show drinking game). Be sure to keep your guest count in mind so you can ensure you have enough food & space to accommodate them!

  • Décor: Make your food table the playing field by laying down a football field tablecloth. Or, you can be really extra and use artificial turf! Swap out your regular centerpieces with footballs & pompoms in team colors. Take it to the next level and set up a selfie wall complete with football garland, streamers, and flags!

  • Menu: Game day is pretty much a holiday, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about stuffing your face with delicious but maybe not so healthy food. If you want to have a potluck but want all the food to coordinate, be sure to let your guests know so they can bring something to fit your theme. You can also be festive by serving items like chips and pretzels in football helmets! Make cupcakes or cookies look like little football players by using icing to make player numbers. Get creative and impress your friends by making your own signature cocktails using player or big play names!

  • Be a Good Sport: Getting friends together is supposed to be fun! Even if many of them very passionately support different teams make sure you foster a positive vibe, especially if one team is getting whopped. Also let people know they’re welcome to come celebrate with you even if they’re not huge football fans.

The Look

  • The "I'm just here for the food & halftime show" Fan: If you’re not that into football & don’t really even know who is playing, going neutral is always the safest option so you don’t accidentally offend any die-hard fans by wearing the ‘wrong’ color. A pair of skinny jeans with a sporty striped sweatshirt in a neutral like black or gray with some sneakers is always a good look, and you’ll be nice and comfy for the hours of sitting around that’s involved in football.

If you feel like that is a little too casual, swap out the sweatshirt & sneakers for a

chunky-knit sweater and some cute ankle boots. A cozy sweater dress with some leggings is also a great option, especially if you intend to fully indulge on all the party food!

  • Go Team! But, Fashion: If you're not feeling the jersey look but still want everyone to know you’ve chosen a side, a cute fitted turtleneck in your team’s color pallet tucked into a pair of high-rise skinny jeans and pair of OTK suede boots is a chic but festive option.

  • The Actual Football Fan: Just because you’re a die-hard fan and going all out in supporting your team, you don't have to sacrifice style to show your support. Rep your favorite jersey with a pair of skinny jeans and some high-top sneakers for a sporty look. Or, you can spice it up a bit by knotting the jersey to accentuate your waist, and swap out the sneakers for some OTK boots.

So, there you have it! Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or your favorite commercial, you can throw a baller party all while looking the part for Super Bowl Sunday.

And in case you’re wondering who I’ll be rooting for on the big day…



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