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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

For weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, store displays and ads send the insistent message that the only way to make your loved feel special on this day is to spend a wad of cash on pink or red trinkets, flowers, & chocolate when that may not be your style at all. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying un-meaningful gifts when it’s in your face and you feel the need to impress.

If you’re feeling pressured to find the ‘perfect’ gift to show your lover, family member or friend just how much they mean to you- don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! See the list I put together of gifts a little outside the norm that are sure to let them know how much they mean to you.

  • Special Moment Star Map: Take it back to the beginning or freeze a special moment in time with this custom map print that shows what the night sky looked like at the exact moment that you first met, got married, or had a meaningful life moment. Choose from a standard print, canvas, or framed poster in a size that best fits your space.

  • What I Love About You” Book: This may be borderline cheesy to some people, but can really make an impact to others. When you’ve been with someone a long time sometimes you forget to express how much they mean to you, so this book is a perfect little reminder.

  • Our Moments” Couples Card Game: This game is perfect for new couples trying to get to know each other, and for the couples that have been together forever and need to get back to just hanging out & talking. When the conversation starts to run dry, grab one of these cards complete with thoughtful prompts to get things rolling again. This can even be played with friends to help get to know each other even better!

  • Custom Morse Code Jewelry: Keep things between just the two of you with this gold, rose gold, or silver necklace, which lets you write an inside joke, nickname, or personal message completely in Morse Code. She'll just have to decode it upon opening.

  • Personalized Puzzles: This is the perfect gift to encourage setting aside the phones and turning off the TV and just spending quality time together. With a variety of styles and difficulty levels to choose from, this is the perfect meaningful gift that will help you create more memories together.

  • Special Location Framed Map: Everyone has that special place in their lives where they have moments they’ll never forget. Choose the exact location where you got engaged, married, hometown or favorite vacation spot and have it put in a frame with a custom message to your loved one.

  • Mini Waffle Maker: The only thing that could top breakfast in bed is serving cute little heart-shaped waffles! This mini waffle maker is a fun gift that you can reuse again & again.

  • Long Distance Friendship Lamp: This is pretty pricey & I hesitated putting it on here, but it was just too cool not to. This set of lamps is perfect for letting the long-distance lover, friend, or family member know you’re thinking of them.

I hope this list helped those of you who may be stuck on what to get your loved one, or those looking for something a little different! But always remember- Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much money you spend or how many things you get someone, it’s the time and memories you have together that really matter. Check out my Valentine’s Day Date Ideas post for some date night ideas that don’t involve going out to dinner, but do involve quality time!



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