What are Modeling Vouchers?

As a professional model, you should know how to use and fill out a modeling voucher for your bookings, especially if the booking is paid on an hourly basis and there’s not a set ending time for the day.

A modeling voucher is essentially an invoice that’s signed by the model and the client after the job is completed. This is to ensure that both you and the client agree on how many hours you worked that day so there is no discrepancy when it comes time to process your payment for the booking.

Now-days, a quick text or email to your agent when you arrive on set and another when you wrap for the day will usually suffice, but sometimes clients still like the more official version of a written voucher that they can sign. Because of this, it’s always good to have them on-hand in case the client asks for one. I’ve also used them in situations where a client has a bit of a reputation for trying to shorten the amount of hours they had a model work that day, so it was a way my agency could ensure that the I (and in turn, the agency) got the full hourly payment amount. You use one modeling voucher for each job booking. For example, if you have two bookings to do in one day, then you need to bring two modeling vouchers.

Usually once you sign with an agency, you will receive copies of vouchers or be directed to their website where you can access & print them off as needed. If you’re freelance, it’s a good idea to use vouchers for every booking that you do. You can simply look at one agencies provide and use that as a template to create your own.

So, what goes on a modeling voucher? Luckily, since these forms are usually provided by your agency and branded with their information, you just usually have to fill out your name. The client is responsible for filling out the rest of the details, such as the company name, address, and contact information, as well as the time you arrived, the time you finished, the total number of hours worked, the job details, and the rate of pay. If being used that day, I like to give my voucher to the client as soon as I arrive on set that day so they can fill out their information and note the correct start-time. Vouchers are signed as soon as the job is over, and it’s very important to check (and double-check) that everything is filled out properly and in its entirety before signing the voucher. It’s very important to note the hours worked, especially if there was any kind of lunch or break involved. If there are any discrepancies, contact your agent to discuss before signing the voucher!

If you happen to forget to bring a voucher to set, while it’s not the best look, it’s not the end of the world. You can simply call you agent and ask them to email you one or get one off of the agency’s website (if they post them there). The best way to ensure you never forget one is to just keep a stash of them in your model bag and make sure to replenish them whenever you run low.

Once the voucher is signed, all you have to do is send or give it to your agent or your agency’s accounting department—whatever they prefer. If your voucher isn’t the type with a carbon copy attached, I will either fill out two- one for me and one for the client, or will copy the client on the email that I send of the complete voucher to my agent. If I don’t have access to a scanner to scan the document to send via email, I’ll simply take a photo of it with my phone to send as an attachment. It’s important to get your signed voucher to your agent as quickly as you can (same day or next day is preferred) so you don’t delay the payment process for yourself or your agency.



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