Photo by Irma Lomidze

Photo, hair & makeup by Irma Lomidze

Jeff Evrard

Hi, I'm Darci, and the face behind My Model Reality! I am a wife, momma, and model living in the Kansas City Metro area. I'm not a KC native, but I have lived here since 2009, and love it! I have a regular 8-5 day job, and my free time is filled with family, friends, and fashion. 

I started this blog because I wanted to have a creative outlet where I can share my thoughts, modeling tips, lifestyle, and just general life ideas & struggles. I always aim to be authentic, genuine, and relatable.


Although my full-time job isn't fashion related, I have been a part of the Kansas City and St. Louis fashion scenes for a long time, and along the way I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge about how the local industries work. I love to share real-life stories and struggles, and tips that I have learned form those experiences. 

I also want to share a part of my life outside of the fashion industry, so I will often be sharing my thoughts & tips on new momma-hood, fitness, beauty, adulting, and just general life happenings. My goal is to post content that my followers can relate to and say, "Hey, me too!"

I hope you all enjoy!

Behind the scenes photo by Jeff Evrard

Hair & Makeup: Shani Overfelt | Coat: TR Brown

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