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Coco Rocha Model Camp FAQ

When on my travels home from CRMC, I opened up my Instagram for questions about my experiences at camp. I had SO many DMs and many of the questions were similar, so I wanted to do a little FAQ list of the topics I got the most questions about.

Hopefully this helps answer any questions you may have! If there’s something more you’d like to know- please feel free to DM me! Also, be sure to check out my Coco Rocha Model Camp Recap post for details about my experience.

* * *

Do you already have to be a model or have modeling experience to attend camp?

No! The camp is for anyone interested in learning more about the modeling industry and how to model, but you don’t already have to have an established career or even have set foot in front of a camera to attend camp.

Do you have to be a certain size?

Absolutely not. CRMC is inclusive to ALL sizes, and the posing and runway techniques work for anyone, whether you’re a size 2 or 20.

Do you have to be tall to attend?

Nope! Just as I stated above, CRMC is inclusive to all bodies, and there are many models in the industry right now that are shorter than the ‘standard’ 5’9”.

Is it good for new models?

Camp is actually perfect for new models. It will help you start out in the industry with the best training you can get, and with the knowledge that will help you navigate confusing agency contracts and tricky situations.

How do you get selected?

All you have to do is go to and fill out the form! A team member will get back to you to get more information and discuss camp options.

Did you attend the online camp? Was it worth it?

I did, and yes it was worth it! I will say for me though the full camp was more beneficial because I am definitely an in-person learner, but the information covered in the online camp is a great abbreviated version of the in-person camp. You’ll learn so much with the online camp, so it’s definitely an amazing alternative if in-person camp isn’t an option for you.

What do you wish you knew before going?

That it wasn’t as scary as I was making it in my mind! The team is amazing and the camp is run like a well-oiled machine. They’ve thought of everything and anything that you could ever need was there and ready to go.

What was your favorite part about the whole thing?

Probably the atmosphere of support and encouragement provided by the CRMC team. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so humble and engaging, but they were. Also, just learning from Coco and seeing her and Alexina Graham in action was a total 'pinch me' moment!

Were you nervous?

I was so nervous! I thought that this old country girl from Kansas had no business attending a camp like CRMC where my campmates were all so stunning and successful. And getting up in front of all of them to pose?! But it was all so silly, I had nothing to be nervous about! They were all equally as nervous, and there was zero judgement as we were all learning. We were all genuinely supportive of each other and the best hype crew around!

Biggest takeaways?

Just the way I approach a shoot is so much different. I feel like I have so much more confidence in myself and a clearer idea of where I want to go in my career. I felt stuck on a plateau before attending camp, and it definitely gave me the tools I needed to get myself off of it!

Are there age restrictions?

There are not! We had girls ranging from 14 to 38 years old, each at different points in their careers and with different reasons they were attending camp.

Can men attend?

Men can attend the online camp, but at this moment just women are allowed at the in-person camps.

Will it get me signed by an agency?

As with everything in the modeling industry, there is nothing that is guaranteed. CRMC doesn’t get you signed to agencies and there’s no promise that by attending camp you’ll get signed by one when it’s over. Camp gives you the tools you need to be a better model and have better knowledge of the business side of the industry, but it is up to you to hustle after camp to get signed by an agency on your own!

What is one thing you’d tell someone going?

To not hold yourself back. Don’t worry about looking silly when you’re posing or asking a dumb question. Show up to camp ready to work and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Ask any and all questions that come to mind and really listen to what they’re teaching you.

Is it ok to not have a portfolio?

Yes! You’ll learn the skills at camp to create a strong book when you get back from camp. If you have a few professional images then by all means bring those along to show them. But if you don’t have any that’s completely fine, there’s no need to try to get images taken and put into a portfolio before attending camp.

Will it book me more jobs?

As above with the agencies, the camp gives you the tools and knowledge you need to be successful, but it's up to you to apply what you learned and go out and get the jobs. Maybe you need to have a discussion with your agents or change up your look, etc. That is not something the camp can do for you, but something you have to do yourself.

**Don't forget to check out my full camp experience in this post!


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