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Fashion Week Recovery

Now that the lights have gone out, the photographers have gone home to edit, and the runway has been dismantled, it is time for you as a model to recover from the chaos of fashion week. I like to think of the week post fashion week as my Wellness Week and let my body, hair, and skin recover from the long days, late nights, uncomfortable shoes, and excessive amounts of hair and makeup products.

Read on to see what I like to do to recover from fashion week!

Stretch it out

I won't lie; when it comes to yoga, I'm not a big fan. But the day after my last runway show or fashion event for the week, I like to take the time to stretch out my body. Wearing heels and standing in your runway posture (if you know, you know!) can really take a toll on you physically, so it's essential that you take the time to stretch it all out, especially your feet and ankles! Use a tennis ball or one of those spiky foot massage balls to roll out your feet; it feels incredible!

Get a Massage

I highly recommend getting a nice full-body massage after fashion week if it's within your budget. This will help your muscles relax and get all the kinks out from standing in uncomfortable shoes all day & night.

Get a Facial

Many models will get a facial before fashion week starts, but I always like to save mine for after the shows. This way, you can purge your skin from all the heavy makeup and hopefully prevent any breakouts from popping up.

You can easily do one at home if a professional facial is outside your budget! Start with a nice exfoliating mask and follow up with hydration serums and moisturizers to rehydrate.

Do a Hair Mask

Your hair also takes quite a beating during fashion week. Heavy products can clog up your scalp, while heat styling and nightly washings can dry out your strands. Post fashion week, I like to do a nice scalp exfoliation and follow it up with a hydrating leave-in mask. If I'm feeling extra fancy or had an especially traumatic hairstyle, I'll schedule a professional deep conditioning treatment with my hair stylist. One season, I had to get a trim after fashion week because my ends were so damaged!

Mental Check-in

Post fashion week is also a great time to check in with yourself mentally. Did you enjoy fashion week, or was it more stressful than fun? These self-check-ins are really important for models because the fashion industry can have a negative effect on you. If you find that the week triggered your anxiety or other mental traumas, it may be time to step back and give yourself a little break.


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