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Gift Guide for Models

If you are a model or have a model in your life, you know that the list of things they need for their job is a mile long, and their “wish list” is probably even longer! I’ve put together a list of “must have” items for all models, along with some things that would make their lives easier. Click the links for easy shopping!


Model Bag: Every professional model needs a model bag, and it’s nice to have one that’s specific for modeling jobs and not just one that you use or other occasions. This will help keep it looking nice, and it can always partially packed to help minimize forgetting something! You want a bag that’s sturdy, looks professional, is easy to use, and can hold a LOT of stuff!

Shoe Cushions: These are a lifesaver for all models, especially if they have to wear shoes that aren’t theirs or broken in for long periods of time.

High Heels: Every model needs a good pair of heels, and these in black or nude will go with any outfit or occasion!

Makeup Bag: Having a makeup bag that is specific for modeling jobs is great because your every-day makeup bag often shows a lot of wear and tear. Having one specific for work will ensure it stays looking nice and you can keep all “on-camera” specific makeup items in it. You can even personalize it by having it embroidered with their initials!

Makeup Brushes: Having a separate set of makeup brushes for modeling is so nice because they’re always clean and ready to go for a potential job that may pop up. It’s also great to be able to keep them in your model bag at all times so you never have to worry about forgetting them.

Facemasks: These are perfect for pre-job prep and post-job recovery! These under-eye patches are also amazing!

Portable Phone Charger: Wall outlets aren’t always readily available, and any on-the-go model will appreciate a portable phone battery!

Planner: Help your model keep track of their bookings, meetings, and tasks with this cute planner!

Receipt Organizer: Modeling is a business, and receipts must always be kept. Keep them organized and ready for tax season with this organizer.

Ring Light: With self-tapes and social media videos being a huge part of how a model brands themselves, a ring light is an essential item for a model to have!

Laptop Bag: Aside from the large model bag, it’s also handy to have a nice laptop bag to carry to castings and meetings. They look professional and are large enough to hold a pair of casting shoes and your portfolio, but not so big that they’re annoying to carry around!

The Model Board Gift Certificate: Whether you’re a new model or have been in the industry for years, a gift certificate for a coaching session at The Model Board is the perfect way to help the model in your life advance their career! Simply email to order!


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