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Male Model Bag Essentials

It's that time of year again- Kansas City Fashion Week! As a model, this week is going to be both exciting and exhausting, and the last thing you're going to want to do is try to pack your model bag in a rush and risk forgetting something. Last week, I shared model bag essentials for women, but this week is for the GUYS!

I have reached out to one of Kansas City's top male models and dear friend, Vinny Sung, for all the essentials the men need to have in their bags! This was a fun one for me to read because I had no idea what the guys would need to have for a show. Read below for great advice from Vinny, and be sure to follow his Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all his cool projects!

With KCFW around the corner, I was chatting with my dear friend Darci, turns out we've been walking in the same fashion shows for over 6 years!  She wrote a post in her blog about "the model bag essentials", and she was curious to get a male model's perspective on the subject.  So here it is, the things I bring to best prepare for a runway show!  

  • Hair Products:  If you’re like me and have dreadlocks then you have it made, no hair products needed.  Go ahead and skip to the next bullet point!  But if you have “normal” hair, then bring your favorite hair wax, gel, spray, or whatever it is you use to style your hair, and be prepared to style your own hair just in case they spent all their time doing women's hair and ran out of time for the men...

  • Shaving gear:  If your designer prefer's you to be clean shaven, then bring your shaving gear and shave right before hair and makeup.  You don't want to end up with a 5 o'clock shadow situation! 

- Note: if you are going be shirtless or modeling speedos, take that into consideration and shave anything you don't want hi-def photographs of.

  • Lotion:  In fashion, we usually model spring/summer clothing when the weather is cold.  Showing lots of dry skin is not very aesthetically pleasing... so do everyone a favor and bring a bottle of lotion and apply generously prior to hitting the runway.

  • Socks: This is not so much a to-bring, but more of a DON'T wear socks that leaves a crease in your skin if you're going to end up showing that portion of your leg!  There's almost no fix to this problem, not even photoshop.  Find out what your wearing and plan socks accordingly.

  • Shoes: Some designers will prepare shoes for you, but in most cases, they will coordinate with you to have you bring shoes that will go with the look.  If somehow communication wasn't achieved or they didn't have your look ready until the day of the show, your best bet is to bring a pair of classic black dress shoes and a pair of simple plain white sneakers.  These will go with almost anything.

  • Undergarments:  Sometimes a changing room isn't available so it is common curtesy to not be fully nude while changing amongst your fellow models.  Check with your designer to see if style and color of the undergarment will affect the look your modeling so you can plan accordingly.

  • Foundation:  Yeah, you heard me! Get over whatever insecurities or stigmas you have with men wearing makeup and invest in a foundation that matches your complexion.  Nothing is worse than a perfect photo with the perfect wardrobe, but your face ends up looking 2 shades lighter than your neck and hands because the makeup team didn't have the correct color for you.

  • Phone Charger: I know you won't forget your phone, but so many models forget their charger and borrow from others backstage- don't be that guy.

  • Food and Drinks: Most fashion shows require you to be there hours before the show starts, and the majority of them won't have food and or drinks readily available backstage and might not let you leave the premises to go get food.  It's always a good idea to prep some food and drinks to bring with you so you don't end up passing out on the runway. 

  • Pastimes: As I mentioned above, you will be backstage hours before the show so it's good to bring something to work on or to entertain yourself with to past the time.  Come to think about it, sleeping bags and a pillow is not the worst idea in the world!


There you have it, guys! Make sure you come prepared for the show to help your day be as stress free as possible! Also, be sure to follow Vincent on Facebook and Instagram to see more of his amazing work!


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