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Model Gift Guide

If you’re a model or have a model in your life, you know the list of things they need for their jobs can be a mile long! With the holiday season coming up, now is the perfect time to check a few things off their need or wish list, so I’ve put a few things together that all models will find useful!

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Gifts for models

TMB Gift Certificate

Whether you’re a new model or have been in the industry for years, a gift certificate for a coaching session at The Model Board is the perfect way to help the model in your life advance their career! Email to order!

Model Bag

Every professional model needs a model bag, and it’s nice to have one specific for modeling jobs and not just one that you use or other occasions. This will help keep it looking nice, and it can always be partially packed to help minimize forgetting something! You want a sturdy bag that looks professional, is easy to use, and can hold a LOT of stuff! This one is nice because it’s expandable, so you can adjust the size as needed!

Garment Bag

When packing clothes for a shoot, you want to avoid wrinkles as much as possible, so many of your clothes can’t go in your regular model bag. This is where a really good garment bag comes in handy! I like this one because it has many pockets for other items, like accessories or even some shoes.


Self-tapes and social media videos are a huge part of a model’s job, and since most of it is done using a phone, a tripod is an essential item for a model to have. I love this one because it’s compact and has a remote, which makes packing it up and taking videos or photos on the go a breeze!

Ring Light

With self-tapes and social media videos being a huge part of how a model brands themselves, a ring light is essential for a model to have! I like this one because the movable lights help balance out an unevenly lighted room, and this one is great to throw in your purse and use when you’re out & about but need good lighting.

Jewelry Travel Case

When packing for a shoot, accessories often get lost or tangled when they’re thrown in with your other items. This little travel jewelry case allows me to keep my jewelry organized, protected, and easy to find in my bag!

Makeup Bag

Having a makeup bag specific for modeling jobs is great because your everyday makeup bag often looks haggard. Having one specific for work will ensure it stays nice, and you can keep all your specific “on-camera” makeup items in it so you always know where it is. Good makeup lighting is also never guaranteed, so having a makeup case with built-in lighting ensures you’ll never have that issue! Here is a great makeup case to keep in your model bag, and if you want to splurge, check out this option.

Makeup Brushes

Having a separate set of makeup brushes specific for modeling is so nice because they’re always clean and ready to go for a potential job that may pop up. It’s also great to always keep them in your model bag, so you never have to worry about forgetting them!

Foot Massager

A model’s feet take a lot of abuse, and nothing feels better than a great foot massage after a runway show!

Portable Phone Charger

Wall outlets aren’t always available on set, and any on-the-go model will appreciate a portable phone battery! This one is nice because it already has a cord, so you can still charge your phone if you forget yours!


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