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Modeling Resumes

In your modeling career, your portfolio is going to play the biggest role as far as tools to help you get jobs, but a tool models oftentimes models forget about or don’t utilize this tool, but it can actually be quite beneficial to have on hand is a modeling resume.

Photo by Alex Todd

So, what exactly is a modeling resume? It’s pretty much just like a resume that you would use for a regular 9-5 job. Basically, a comprehensive list of jobs you’ve done in the past, sorted into categories.

For most, the first question about a modeling resume is why would clients care about looking at a resume when they could easily just review a model's portfolio? Often, glancing at a resume is a much more direct way for a client to see exactly what type of work a model has done. I know for myself as an example- a lot of photos from publications or bookings I've done aren't even in my protfolio. There also aren't any runway images or parts modeling images in there, but they are important jobs that I have done. All resumes look a little different, but contain pretty much the same basic information. I create my resume in Microsoft Word for easy editing when I get new bookings. It's important to keep it simple and easy to read, so be sure to avoid it getting too cluttered. Photos are also not needed as that is what your portfolio is for.

The below information should always be listed at the top of the resume, just as you would a regular resume:

  • Name

  • Agency (if applicable)

  • Contact information of agency, or yourself if freelance (email/phone)

  • Full Stats & Measurements

After listing the above information, you want to list the jobs you've done in an organized manner so that it's easy to read. I have mine split into categories in the areas I've done work, so for me that would be:

  • Runway/Fashion Shows

  • Print (editorials, ad campaigns, etc.)

  • Ecommerce

  • Promotional Modeling

Under each category, I have bullets to list each specific job worked in that category. Keep it simple! I literally just list the job that was done. for example:

Fashion Shows

  • Kansas City Fashion Week

  • Armani

  • Ralph Lauren

Are you a new model and don't have any experience to list? That’s ok! If a client requests a resume, simply explain that you're new and the client will understand.

It’s important to remember to add any new jobs to your resume as you get them. I like to keep my resume a 1-pager and will remove old bookings if it befgins to get too cluttered and spill onto a second page, but this isn't necessary. Some models have resumes that are multiple pages long!

While modeling resumes aren’t a requirement like your portfolio is, they are definitely another great tool to add to your arsenal. It’s simple to put together and maintain, and anything that can help your chances of getting bookings is well worth it in my opinion!


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