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Quick Tips for Runway Casting Calls

Attending casting calls is a standard part of a model’s job. While all casting calls have a slightly different method, it's a pretty standard process when it comes to runway castings. Read below for some general tips to help prepare for your next runway casting!

Pre-register when possible. Many casting calls will allow you to register in advance. If the casting you’re attending has this option, DO IT! It will save you a lot of time checking into the casting call.

Read the specifics. It is essential to thoroughly read and follow the specifications laid out in the casting description. It will list the location, time, and other essential details they need you to know ahead of time.

Follow the Dress Code. Many runway castings will give you guidelines or suggestions on what to wear. Wear what they request! Not following the suggested attire shows that you either don’t read the information they provide you or don’t want to follow directions. Neither of which makes a good impression on the judges.

Tone down the glam. Makeup should be minimal, and hair should be your natural texture or very lightly styled. Also, ensure your nails are short and painted either a sheer neutral color or left completely bare. They want to see you in a natural state, not distracting hair, makeup & nails.

Avoid wearing wedge heels. They make your legs and walk appear clunky and don’t showcase that you can walk well in stilettos.

Be Prepared to Wait. If it’s an open call (meaning not agency-specific), you can expect many people to show up. Since getting through everyone can take a while, you want to arrive early and be prepared for a long wait. Bring a book or something simple to keep you occupied.

Keep socializing to a minimum. You will probably run into other models you know, but save the catching-up chatter for when you're both done with the casting call and are out of the casting space, so you're not distracting others trying to audition. And for the love of all things, do not approach the judges’ panel to chat with them during the casting!

Listen & take direction. They will have specific things they want you to do during the casting process, like your runway walk, photos, and measurements. Please pay attention to the order they want things done in and where you need to go to do them.

Arrive ready to work. Your casting starts as soon as you walk into the venue’s doors. Have your shoes already on your feet and be ready to go. If you’re lucky & don’t have a long wait, you don’t want the casting team to have to wait on you to get it together.

BE CONFIDENT! Being confident draws attention to you, and having that kind of presence is what designers want in a model wearing their designs on the runway.


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