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Runway Casting Call Tips

Casting calls are a model’s version of a job interview, and although for runway you will most likely not have to answer any interview-style questions, it’s still important to be prepared and professional to give yourself the best chance at getting the job you’re casting for. Read below for some tips on how to rock your next runway casting call!

READ THE SPECIFICS: It is very important to follow the specifications laid out in the casting description in order to give yourself the best chance of being picked. Part of being a good model is having the ability to follow directions. If they give suggestions on what they want you to wear, follow those instructions. Disregarding what they ask of you shows that you don't follow directions and make you appear unprofessional.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: It’s always a good idea to know a little bit about the show that you’re casting for.

- Check out their website and social media platforms.

- Look at the types of shows they’ve done in the past and take note of their vibe and style.

DRESS THE PART: At runway castings, models are asked to dress as simply as possible since the designer wants to see what the models look like without the distraction of bright or trendy clothes. For men and women, your “Model Uniform” consists of black or dark blue fitted jeans and a fitted solid black or grey top. For shoes, women should wear a plain black or nude pair of heels, and men should wear nice sneakers, desert boots, or dress shoes.

Your hair, makeup, and nails also need to be low-key. Makeup should be just be light concealer, mascara, and a light lip color or gloss. Hair should be your natural texture or very lightly styled, no up-do's needed! And although long and colorful nails are trending, it is not a good look for models. Make sure your nails are short and painted either a sheer neutral color or left completely bare.

IT’S NOT SOCIAL HOUR: You wouldn’t bring your friends to a job interview, right? It’s not appropriate to bring friends and family along with you to a casting call either. The more people you bring along with you, the more of a distraction you will be. If you’re under 18, it’s usually required to bring a parent to sign any waivers or answer any questions; however, note that they will usually be asked to wait outside during the casting process.

You may run into other models that you know, but save the catching up chatter for when you're both done with the casting call and out of the casting space so you're not distracting to others trying to audition.

ARRIVE EARLY: Being “on time” is usually considered late. Always arrive at least 10 minutes early and factor in traffic, parking, and finding the actual casting location once you get there.

- Even if you arrive early, chances are good that the casting is running behind and you will have to wait past your slotted time (if you were given one) before you’re able to audition.

- If it is an “open call” type of casting, there’s no telling how long your wait time could be, so make sure your schedule is clear and be prepared to wait.

YOUR CASTING STARTS AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN: As soon as you walk in the doors of the casting call, you need to be in model mode. Have your shoes already on your feet and ready to go. Stand up straight and keep your shoulders back, even while you're waiting in line. You never know who may be watching, so you don't want to be caught slouching!

TAKE DIRECTION: During the casting process, don’t be surprised if they ask you a few questions or have specific things they want you to do. You will be asked to do your runway walk and they will want to take your photo and measurements, so pay attention to the order they want things done in and where you need to go to do them.

BE CONFIDENT: Designers are drawn to models with personality & confidence. Even if your nerves are getting the best of you, push it aside and channel your inner supermodel! Being confident draws attention to you, and having that kind of presence is what designers are wanting in a model wearing their designs on the runway.


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