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What is Parts Modeling?

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, many different niches are under the modeling umbrella. In this post, I explain Parts Modeling and some types of jobs you may book as a parts model.

Unlike in a typical fashion, editorial or commercial photoshoot where the model’s whole body or face is the focus, parts modeling rarely shows a model’s entire face or body. Instead, models will model specific body parts, such as their hands, legs, or feet. A parts model can do editorial, advertising, and commercial work to show off things such as jewelry, shoes, or other accessories.

When it comes to parts modeling, since the face and the full body are rarely shown, there aren’t many restrictions as far as height or size to be able to be a parts model. However, since this type of modeling focuses on specific body parts, things like your hands, legs, or feet must be nearly flawless. Your skin must be smooth and even-toned with no scarring or blemishes, and your nails must be in excellent condition. In addition, things like tattoos can be dealbreakers, but occasionally, tattoos are specifically requested for certain projects. And while it may seem easy, being able to pose well is also very important for parts models and isn’t often as straightforward as you might think. Especially for hand modeling, you must be able to hold things or wear products and angle your hands in flattering ways while being able to show off whatever product you have been assigned.

Many regular models often step in and do parts modeling on occasion, but there are also models out there who specifically only model their hands or other body parts. There are even agencies dedicated only to parts modeling. When you get submitted for a parts model job, you will often have to send in digitals of your hands or requested body parts just like you would send digitals for any other booking.

Parts model bookings often pay well, and you usually have recurring clients. Since a model’s face isn’t in the images, brands don’t have to worry about diversifying their models for different campaigns and can use the same ones repeatedly.

If you have ever wanted to get into modeling but don’t quite fit the requirements for fashion or commercial models, parts modeling may be an excellent way to get into the industry!


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