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Runway Rehearsal Tips

With the start of fashion season, many models will be heading to runway rehearsals to prepare for upcoming shows. While it’s not show day, rehearsal day should still be treated as a big deal. Models will often be meeting the designer in person for the first time, so it’s essential to be prepared and professional. Read on how to rock your next runway rehearsal!

Pack your model bag.

Just because it’s a rehearsal, you shouldn’t show up empty-handed. Fittings are often looped in with rehearsals, but they may not always let you know that information in advance. Being professional means always being prepared, so it’s best to always pack:

- Strapless nude & black bras

- Pasties/sticky-bra

- Seamless nude & black underwear

- A pair of nude heels & a pair of black heels, or a pair of nice sneakers and dress shoes

- A changing scarf

Arrive early.

As always- early is on time, and on time is late. Rehearsal days can be jam-packed with multiple designers and models. Their rehearsal times are usually scheduled back to back with little time in between, so arriving early will ensure that you aren’t the reason the day falls behind schedule.

Dress the Part.

For rehearsal, unless otherwise specified, it’s usually best to dress in the “model uniform” of a fitted top and black jeans or leggings. Arrive wearing comfortable shoes, but if you wear heels, bring them with you, even if the designer said they would be providing shoes. Also, wear nude-colored, seamless undergarments and a strapless bra.

Wear minimal to no makeup.

Coming clean-faced is best, but minimal, everyday makeup is also acceptable. Often, a designer will combine a rehearsal with a fitting, so you want to make sure you don’t have a lot of makeup on that could transfer onto the clothing.

Leave hair natural or lightly styled.

As with the above, you want to look like you put some effort into your appearance when you left the house, but don’t overdo it. Lightly styling your hair or leaving it natural is the way to go! Always bring something to pull your hair back in case it’s requested you put it up or so you can pull it back during fittings.


Remove all personal jewelry, so it doesn’t get lost if you’re asked to remove it. You also don’t want your accessories to clash or get mixed with any accessories the designer puts on you.

Pay attention.

Rehearsal days can be chaotic, but they can also get a bit boring if they last a long time. Whatever the vibe, make sure you’re paying attention at all times so you know what’s going on and are where you need to be when you need to be there. This will help the schedule stay on track and cut down on production or the designers having to repeat themselves.

Walk like it’s the actual show.

Even though it’s “just” rehearsal and you may have done it ten times already, every time you walk, you need to strut like you would during the actual show. Slacking off just once could make the designer second guess booking you, and finding a replacement model is really easy…


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