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What Not to Wear at a Runway Casting Call

Runway casting calls are a huge part of a model's career. Unfortunately, many new models will want to show up to the casting in full glam and dressed to impress, not realizing that can actually be hurting their chances of making the cut and getting on the model roster.

Most casting calls will have details instructions on what they'd like you to wear and suggestions on how you should style your hair and makeup. Be sure to read these guidelines carefully! If they took the time to give you guidance, do not disregard it. Doing so will show the judges that you either didn't take the time to read all of the instructions or you did and decided not to listen- neither are a good look for you and can affect whether or not you make it on the model roster.

If they don't give you any instruction on what to wear, read below for a few things you should always avoid wearing to a runway casting call:

Bright colors or patterns.

While neon colors may be trending, or your favorite shirt might have a fun pattern, you want to avoid wearing those to a casting call. They may make you stand out in the sea of dark colors, but it's not the best way to get the casting judges to notice you. So instead of commenting on how great or look or walk is, they will be commenting on how bright or distracting your clothing is.

Baggy clothes.

Loose-fit jeans may be coming back into style and are comfortable to wear, but you want to avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing to runway casting calls. The judges and designers need to see your body type, which is hard to do when you're in loose clothing. The added fabric will also throw off your measurements and make them unusable for designers.

Lots of jewelry.

Wearing lots of jewelry can also be a big distraction to the casting judges, especially if it makes a lot of noise while walking.

Heavy makeup.

You may have lots of heavy makeup applied to your face on the day of a runway show, but for the casting call, you want to arrive with little to no makeup. Casting judges and designers will want to see what your face looks like naturally- they already know the magic makeup can do. You can come completely bare-faced or apply just a little makeup to enhance your features, but you want to avoid doing a full-glam look.

Updo hairstyle.

There is no need to put a lot of work into styling your hair for a runway casting call. Just like with makeup, judges will want an idea of what your hair looks like naturally and how long it is, so if you put it up in an intricate updo, they won't be able to see it. Letting it be natural or just lightly styling is always recommended.

Wedge heels or high platforms.

While wedge heels are incredibly easy to walk in and high platforms will give you a few extra inches, you want to avoid wearing these styles of shoes because they make your feet appear heavy and can clunk up your walk. Also, if you wear wedges, the judges will wonder if you're even able to walk in a regular heel, which may cause them to hesitate to add you to the model roster. And even though wearing high platforms may give you extra height, it actually just calls more attention to how short you may be. Therefore, opting for a regular stiletto-style heel with minimal to no platform under the toe is best.

Blingy shoes.

Many models are big shoe fans and have many blingy pairs, but they are not great options to wear to a casting call. Similar to wearing a lot of jewelry or bright clothing, blingy or brightly colored shoes can be a big distraction to the judges. You want them to notice you and your walk, not how cute your shoes are!


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