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Runway Model Etiquette

For models, professionalism is crucial. In a sea of beautiful and talented people, how you conduct yourself on set often sets models apart from each other and results in repeat bookings.

Photo by Suzy Gorman Photo

While there is often a lot of down-time involved in runway shows, you should still always be on point and professional. See below for some tips on model etiquette while on set!

  • Read your call sheet and know what you need to bring, where to go, and your contact person.

  • Have your model bag packed with everything the designer requested you to bring, plus all the other essential items you need for the day.

  • Know the schedule for the day & be where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there.

  • Be on time- which means be 10 minutes early!

  • Introduce yourself to your hairstylist and makeup artist, & get their socials so you can tag them on social media later.

  • Introduce yourself to your dresser & styling team if you have one.

  • Do not eat, drink, sit, use the restroom, or touch up makeup in the designer's clothing.

  • After the show, do not leave the designer's garments on the floor- hang them back up in the place it was before you put them on.

  • If you have any accessories, hand them directly to your designer/dresser when you remove them. Don't just leave them lying somewhere where they could get lost.

  • Before you leave for the night, ensure there isn't anything else your designer needs from you, and thank them for having you in the show.


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